Wednesday, 5 December 2018

If I was in nine children

If I was one of nine children I would get annoyed quickly because there are so many people there.

If I was one of nine children I might not be able to watch a show on TV that I want to watch.

If I was one of nine children it would be chaotic because there are 8 children running around the house.

If I was one of nine children It would be hard to get to sleep.

If I was one of nine children I would always be woken up early.

If I was one of nine children I would not be able to get school work done.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

My Favorite Food

I like nacho cheese with chips because of the stretchy cheese

Dream Job

I want to be an actor

Wharepuni compared to my house

                                              Wharepuni compared to my house


1. my house has windows house has a roof


1. my house is made of bricks

2. My house doesn't have a pou (carved statue) in it

Friday, 30 November 2018

Setting Sail

Dear Max

I was really frightend when I took my first step on the waka and then floated. No one was around me the waves started to get stronger and move the boat around a little bit I didn't see anything but the ocean and fog around me but I kept powering on through the fog. A huge gust of wind hit my boat and it nearly tipped. I paddled even faster. I finally got out of the fog and saw land. I used all of my energy. I fell to the ground trying to save my energy. I was finally at New Zealand.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

How to make a maths quiz

WALT write a set of instructions
How to make a maths quiz

Step 1. go in google chrome

Step 2. type in google drive

step 3. click enter on your keyboard

step 4. click the top link

step 5. click go to google drive

step 6. click the "new" button in the top left corner

step 7. click google slide

step 8. where it says click to add title write maths quiz

step 9. where it says click to add subtitle write your own name

step 10. click the plus button in the top left corner

step 11. write incorrect on the new slide

step the plus button again

step 13. write correct on the slide

step 14. click the plus button again

step 15. write a maths question

16. put three boxes in

17. put 2 wrong answers in two boxes

18. put 1 box correct

step 19. highlight the words in the correct box

step 20. on your keyboard press ctrl k

step 21. click slides in this presentation

22. click slide three correct

23. press apply

24. do the same thing but link the incorrect one in slide 2

25. keep on doing this but with different questions

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Maui And The Giant Fish

Today we read about Maui's fish here are three interesting facts I discovered

1. Maui had a plan to prove he was the best fisherman

2. Maui dreamed of fishing for a long long time

3. Maui's brothers were frightened but Maui kept pulling